March 21, 2014

SinoSaying: Start a Long Journey By Taking the First Step

{Photo of Beijing’s Tsinghua University Campus} One aspect I’m drawn to when learning about a culture are local sayings — little bits of wisdom passed down from generations that tell you so much about how people think, act, and live. Chinese is particularly rich with proverbs, from ancient Confucious sayings all the way through Cultural […]

March 04, 2014

Business Blogging Tips and Why Chinaful’s Photos are the Best

Since starting Chinaful, I’ve learned a lot about blogging. The technical parts, yes–and also what it takes to get readers, try to be consistent with posting, and always finding content. While every blogger has their own voice, there are definitely a few key facets of a good business blog. In May, I’ll be speaking to businesses […]

February 28, 2014

Chinaful’s New Look

Welcome to the new Chinaful! When I founded Chinaful more than two years ago, my goal was to be a bridge between the East and the West. To help the cultures understand one another, and to show Western readers how fascinating China’s culture, food, travel, history, business and law really are. I know that our […]

February 03, 2012

Be My Classmate in Harvard’s “China: Traditions and Transformations”

{Various “xiaochi” – egg tarts, sugar-covered chestnuts, and milk buns} The goal of Chinaful is to provide small, flavorful bites of China to you every week.  In Chinese, this kind of “snack” is called 小吃, pinyin: xiaochi, translated as “small eat.”  (Xiaochi are also commonly street food, but let’s limit the analogy to “small eat.”)  My […]