September 19, 2012

Learn Legal Aspects of How to Do Business With China

Conducting business in China can bring great reward, but also great risk. If something goes wrong, with a supplier, a client, or an employee, the options for recourse are murky. Should you litigate in China, where courts are less than transparent?  Sue in the US, and then try to enforce the judgment against an absent defendant? Or avoid both with mediation or […]

September 05, 2012

Chinaful News: Secretary Clinton’s Trip to Asia

{Clinton on a previous visit to Asia to meet with Republic of Korea, via Chinaful’s Pinterest} US-China relations have been at the forefront of American foreign policy since Nixon’s 1972 visit — a delicate dance between two behemoths, each with their own economic and political interests to assert. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is traveling in the […]

May 07, 2012

Chinese Government 101: Behind China’s Courts

{China’s Adjudicative Committees: A look behind the court’s door} Today I’m returning to the Chinese Government 101 series and that cliffhanger I left for Chinaful readers in this post.  Last installment, I detailed the structure of China’s judiciary, its appeals system and its requirements for judges. Today I cover what happens inside China’s courts, or more accurately, […]

March 27, 2012

Chinaful News: China Daily’s Op-Ed “Benefits of Quick-Start Language Learning”

Ready with my fusion breakfast of coffee and jianbing, I settled in to read Wednesday’s China Daily. I found an Opinion article particularly thought-provoking, entitled “Benefits of Quick-Start Language Learning” by Colin Speakman. Speakman introduced the article by stating Ling Zi of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference asserted at this year’s conference that English […]

March 12, 2012

Chinese Government 101: China’s Judiciary Framework

{Photo of a Beijing Courthouse} Of the three branches of authority in the PRC, the judiciary is notably the least powerful and indeed subservient to the National People’s Congress and the administration. Nonetheless, I find China’s judiciary to be one of the most interesting topics of discussion.  Rule of law is one of the most […]