December 02, 2013

Chinaful Insider Guide: EAT in Beijing

Chinaful’s favorite restaurants in Beijing is the perfect first installment for our Insider Guides. These restaurants were selected based on over three years of dining all across the capital city. Our recommendations are Beijing institutions that consistently deliver clean and delicious food in interesting and authentic settings. For each restaurant we have provided a link to its listing […]

November 18, 2013

Chinaful Cooking: Celery and Chicken Stir Fry

After my last trip to Beijing in September, I was reminded how tasty celery is in a stir fry. Unlike most Western dishes where celery is the boring sideshow, many Chinese dishes allow celery to shine. When I returned home, I found this recipe that let me enjoy a little taste of China at home.          Wok cooking is fast and easy. Usually, it takes a matter […]

September 30, 2013

Chinaful Review: Beijing’s Ming Bar Defies Convention With its “Chatini” Cocktail

Earlier this month, I lured Chinaful’s Courtney Gould Miller, just in to Beijing from LA on business, to the city’s newest speakeasy, Ming Bar, by word that the owner and mixologist had apparently accomplished what most expatriates thought to be the impossible: He had concocted a delicious cocktail using the incredibly potent and typically stomach […]

September 20, 2013

No Mooncake for You!

It’s Mid-Autumn Festival once again, and as I posted last year, mooncakes are the traditional way to celebrate. But this year, the cakes are at the center of Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption efforts. Only days before the national holiday, China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has now banned the use of public money to buy mooncakes. While […]

August 05, 2013

Ginger: The Chinese Medicinal Herb that Heals

The last few weeks I’ve been incapacitated by a bad case of bronchitis. Luckily, I had a combination of Chinese and Western medicine to get me through. Last time I had a cold in China, a friend of mine offered a tried-and-true remedy: coagulated pig’s blood. We passed a street market serving the “blood tofu” […]