October 08, 2014

Kung Pao Chicken with Gluten-free “Noodles”

After a day struggling to study Mandarin (or a hard day at work, as the case may be), I have found that one of the best rewards is a big, steaming bowl of noodles. It’s difficult to find anything as satisfying as a bite into a springy yet soft wheat noodle, hand-stretched in Beijing. But […]

September 03, 2014

Mid-Autumn Festival + Red Bean Box

Fall is here, and it’s time again to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival with mooncakes. This year, I’m savoring the season’s treats thanks to Red Bean Box.  Red Bean Box is a monthly delivery service with the goal of adding Chinese culture to your daily life, a mission that Chinaful shares. August’s box highlights Mid-Autumn festival, […]

July 11, 2014

At-Home Version of “Zhajiangmian” Beijing Noodles

My first week in Beijing, I walked down the street from university to my first plate of Zhajiangmian, :炸酱面, or Beijing noodles–a steaming bowl of noodles topped with cucumber, soybeans, shredded carrots. But the best part was always the slow-cooked pork, cooked until the sauce permeated every piece. No matter how many noodles I ate, I could […]

June 09, 2014

Let’s Eat! 7 Tips for Dining in China

Attending a Chinese dinner is both exciting and daunting. You may be looking forward to the food, but what etiquette should you use? Just like there are customs in the West (how to properly hold a fork and knife, and how to pass the salt and pepper with class), the same is true in China. […]

April 09, 2014

ChinaFind! – Items You Can Only Find in China

Today starts a new series we call ChinaFind, where I will take pictures of and then actually use or consume seemingly strange items that I see everyday in my office building’s 7/11. What makes an item a ChinaFind! is that I have never personally seen it sold outside of China. This first entry gave my […]