December 09, 2013

Six Odd Jobs in China You Would Never See in America

Foreigners in China often find themselves half complaining and half laughing/crying about how inefficient we find a lot of processes to be in this country. Living here, you are reminded on a daily basis that when you have a population of 1.3 billion people, it is cheaper to hire five people to do a very […]

June 07, 2013

Pop-Up Stores with Chinese Characteristics

Pop-up shop in Beijing “Pop up stores,” the marketing scheme involving opening short-term shops in vacant buildings or other creative venues to boost holiday sales, introduce a new line, or just gain brand exposure, has been around since the turn of the millennium in the West. However, when I ran across the following scene in […]

March 25, 2013

$40 Cherries and China’s Changing Consumer Behaviors

In noticing China’s monumental economic, cultural, and political changes, I always find it’s best to look at daily life. Today’s Chinaful dose comes from Will Solomon, a Beijing expat with constant opportunity to observe the subtle shifts in Chinese behavior. ——————- In helping American companies enter the Chinese market, I have found Chinese companies to […]

March 04, 2013

The Chinaphiles: Interview with Peter Anthony, Author and Collector of Chinese Coins

Peter Anthony, author and Chinese coin collector Today marks a new series for Chinaful: The Chinaphiles. In this series, I’ll interview Chinaphiles (also known as Sinophiles, those who demonstrate a strong interest and love for Chinese culture or its people) that study and work in various fields, all with a focus on China. For this first […]

September 19, 2012

Learn Legal Aspects of How to Do Business With China

Conducting business in China can bring great reward, but also great risk. If something goes wrong, with a supplier, a client, or an employee, the options for recourse are murky. Should you litigate in China, where courts are less than transparent?  Sue in the US, and then try to enforce the judgment against an absent defendant? Or avoid both with mediation or […]