December 17, 2014

Attend the Import-Export Summit, Jan. 28-29

In the rise of US – China relations, the import-export business has boomed. Increasingly, businesses are looking abroad for the promise of cheaper products and materials in every industry, including the deathcare market. Still, few businesses understand the details of international trade, in particular the legal nightmares that await. This is particularly true for small […]

June 16, 2014

Chinaful + LEAP: Introducing China to Kids

Growing up, I learned very little about China in school. Sure, we were introduced to Asia in history class,  tasting Chinese food and seeing pictures of the Great Wall. But very little was taught about Ancient Chinese dynasties or the Communist rise. We didn’t hear about Mahjong, learn Chinese characters or study feng shui. While […]

April 09, 2014

ChinaFind! – Items You Can Only Find in China

Today starts a new series we call ChinaFind, where I will take pictures of and then actually use or consume seemingly strange items that I see everyday in my office building’s 7/11. What makes an item a ChinaFind! is that I have never personally seen it sold outside of China. This first entry gave my […]

March 14, 2014

Enforcing Judgments Against Chinese Defendants, in O’Melveny’s US-China Litigation Newsletter

Litigating in US courts can be intimidating for anyone, but for a Chinese client it’s down right scary. As a result, much of my work involves explaining to Chinese clients how US litigation works and what will be expected of them. When faced with a US lawsuit, many Chinese companies and individuals would prefer to ignore it […]

March 05, 2014

Chinaful Insider Guide: SHOP in Beijing

For decades China has been known for pirated DVD’s and fake Rolexes, however the shopping scene in Beijing has definitely evolved over the past ten years. Below, Chinaful has provided a guide to Beijing’s most popular markets as well as some of its rarer gems. When available, we have provided the links to each locale’s […]