Attend the Import-Export Summit, Jan. 28-29

by Courtney Gould Miller
December 17, 2014

In the rise of US – China relations, the import-export business has boomed. Increasingly, businesses are looking abroad for the promise of cheaper products and materials in every industry, including the deathcare market. Still, few businesses understand the details of international trade, in particular the legal nightmares that await. This is particularly true for small businesses without in-house counsel or trade advisors.

This January, I’ll be speaking at the International Deathcare Import-Export Summit on anti-corruption risks that can crop up when doing business abroad. As I’ve discussed before, the anti-corruption risks are greatest in countries like China and other developing countries that most importers are looking to for a savings. And while many importers feel they are covered by their agent on the ground, my talk will discuss how your agent may in fact be your greatest risk. Other speakers will share how to navigate international contracts, import-export regulations and avoiding sanctions, dispute resolution with foreign parties, and everything you’d want to know about logistics of import-export. The two-day seminar will also feature an exclusive tour of the L.A. port.

While the Summit is targeted to the funeral industry, any small business that is engaged in import-export, or considering whether import-export makes sense for their business, is welcome to attend. If you’re interested, email me at for more information or head to the website,

See you there!


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