Chinaful + LEAP: Introducing China to Kids

by Courtney Gould Miller
June 16, 2014

Growing up, I learned very little about China in school. Sure, we were introduced to Asia in history class,  tasting Chinese food and seeing pictures of the Great Wall. But very little was taught about Ancient Chinese dynasties or the Communist rise. We didn’t hear about Mahjong, learn Chinese characters or study feng shui.

While there are a lot of countries in this world to cover during the school years, I believe China should be a focus. Chinese students learn everything about the US and Western Europe–even young children have heard of Obama, know how the US was discovered and the government established. They watch US TV and movies, are up-to-date on pop culture and eat McDonald’s. China’s economy rivals our own, and no one can doubt China will be a superpower for at least our generation, likely many more. But the West still knows very little about China. Can the children in your life name the President of China? Do they eat authentic Chinese food, or just Americanized egg rolls? Have you ever watched a Chinese TV show?

Chinaful’s goal has always been to introduce all things China in an accessible and fun way, no matter whether you are a frequent traveler for business, considering whether to import, a student learning Mandarin, or simply interested in learning more.

Because I have a particular passion for teaching kids about China, I recently partnered with LEAP, or Learning Enrichment After-School Program, to create China curriculum for an after-school class for underprivileged kids. The kids played Mahjong, learned Chinese characters, tried calligraphy, and participated in a tea ceremony. They tasted real Chinese dumplings and celebrate Chinese holidays. I’m thrilled that Chinaful was able to support LEAP’s mission to develop the critical thinking skills of students from under served communities by broadening these kids understanding of a culture so different than their own.

If you’d like to support LEAP’s Chinese Culture club and help provide this important education to more students, please donate here.


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