SinoSaying: Now or Never

by Courtney Gould Miller
May 20, 2014

{Tibetan man spinning Buddhist prayer wheels}

My SinoSaying is: 机不可失,时不再来 (jī bù kě shī, shí bú zài lái.) 

Translated, this means: “An opportunity missed will not come again.”

I first learned this saying: I read proverbs often when looking for inspiration, for a speech, an article, or just my own life.  This one stood out–it’s a warning, but it’s also permission to take risks.

This SinoSaying reminds me that: We should jump at opportunities and see where they take us.  So often, it feels like options for our careers or families will always be there. But time passes and doors close–now is the time to live!  Every experience I have had in China has come from jumping at an opportunity that could have passed as quickly as it came.  One of the clearest examples of this was my trip to Tibet.  At the time, it felt like I would have many chances to see this shangri-la in the clouds–it turned out that I have had only one.

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