ChinaFind! – Items You Can Only Find in China

by Will Solomon
April 09, 2014

Today starts a new series we call ChinaFind, where I will take pictures of and then actually use or consume seemingly strange items that I see everyday in my office building’s 7/11. What makes an item a ChinaFind! is that I have never personally seen it sold outside of China.

This first entry gave my female colleagues a good laugh. The last time I got this type of reaction out of them was when they finally told me that I had unknowingly purchased and had been using ladies’ whitening and brightening skin lotion for an entire month. They told me that they wanted to see if it actually worked… sadly for them there was no noticeable difference.

The ChinaFind!: Below you will see that this first ChinaFind! is a Marilyn Monroe branded “Red Date and E-Jiao Concentrate.” As it was sold completely plastic wrapped, I really had no clue what I was getting myself into. When I got back to the office it became evident that the concentrate comes in the form of a gel, which you are then to add boiling water to and drink it as you would a hot tea.

Red Date and 'Mule-hide gelatin' concentrate

Red Date and ‘Mule-hide gelatin’ concentrate

Special ingredients/special use or purpose: The reason this gave my colleagues such a good laugh is because apparently red date and “E-Jiao,” which translates to gelatin (specifically of the donkey-hide origin and otherwise referred to as ‘ass-hide glue’), is particularly good for women who are menstruating or having difficulty falling asleep. The Chinese believe that when a woman is on her period she should eat red things like dates and goji berries. The reason they have (probably illegally) used Marilyn Monroe as their spokeswoman, is because gelatin and dates are also supposedly very good for your skin. To the Chinese, Marilyn is the poster child for great skin.

Describe the experience: After adding the hot water it tasted like hot honey water with a hint of date. In my opinion it was way too sweet to be enjoyable.

Cost: 5.80RMB = nearly $1 USD

Would you purchase it again?: Maybe for a female friend, but I am clearly not the target market!


Gotta love the packaging!

April 11, 2014 | Marilyn Gould
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