ChinaSnap! Chrysanthemum Tea

by Courtney Gould Miller
March 18, 2013

This is a picture of… a mug of Chrysanthemum tea (Zhuhua Cha, 菊花茶).

At the time I took this ChinaSnap! I was… reading at Home Cafe on Nanluoguxiang Street (南锣鼓巷), a revitalized district of hutongs (衚衕, traditional Chinese houses) in Beijing. 

I remember that… usually, Chrysanthemum tea is served with rock sugar to balance out the sometimes bitter undertones. 

This qualifies as a ChinaSnap! because… tea is quintessentially Chinese, and Chrysanthemum tea is that much more authentic. The floating flower bulbs are whimsical, and the tea has a delicious yet mild flavor. Plus, it is a staple of Chinese medicine, curing all kinds of illness from the common cold to liver issues.

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Love learning about the tea. I have some at home I was afraid to try. Rock sugar...interesting.

March 19, 2013 | Marilyn Gould
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