ChinaSnap!: My first camel kiss + Gobi Desert

by Courtney Gould Miller
February 15, 2012

Chinaful – ChinaSnap! Gobi Desert, Inner Mongolia

It’s the day after Valentine’s, but the love doesn’t stop here at Chinaful.  Here’s a ChinaSnap! to bring a little smile to your Wednesday.   

This is… documentation of my first camel kiss and my first trip to the Gobi Desert.    

At the time I took this ChinaSnap! I was… in the Gobi Desert of Inner Mongolia and feeling caught in a dream. I was wearing “sand boots”, those red socks sewn as a way to keep the sand out of your shoes.  I was hot, but it was a dry heat so it wasn’t miserable like you might expect a desert to be.  

I remember… my camel being pretty cranky and not all that comfortable to ride, but a total blast. We also tried “sand skiing”, sliding in our boots down the dunes. The sand dunes cut against the bright blue sky and even though I grew up on the Florida beaches, I had never seen that amount of sand in my life. In Chinese, the Gobi Desert is 瀚海 (Hanhai), which means “endless sea.” That’s exactly right – the sand appears like waves that never cease. The Gobi Desert is a sight you really have to see to believe.  (A guide to Inner Mongolia, including the Gobi Desert, is coming soon to Chinaful.)

This qualifies as a ChinaSnap! because… obviously, it’s hump day! (I’m usually not punny, but that one was too good to resist.) 

Submit a ChinaSnap! of your own to Chinaful by emailing [email protected] and we’ll post it with your answers to the bolded sentence-starters.  Anything from your favorite Chinese food dish to you in the Forbidden City, we want to see what’s Chinaful to you.


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