Be My Classmate in Harvard’s “China: Traditions and Transformations”

by Courtney Gould Miller
February 03, 2012

{Various “xiaochi” – egg tarts, sugar-covered chestnuts, and milk buns}

The goal of Chinaful is to provide small, flavorful bites of China to you every week.  In Chinese, this kind of “snack” is called 小吃, pinyin: xiaochi, translated as “small eat.”  (Xiaochi are also commonly street food, but let’s limit the analogy to “small eat.”)  My hope is you leave each post with new information that spurs your interest in learning more.

That being said, there’s always a time and a need for a big feast – particularly at the Chinese dinner table.  In that spirit, I want to let Chinaful readers about Harvard’s Open Learning Initiative “China: Traditions and Transformations.”

It’s heavy on history and sociology of China, very similar to classes I took as an undergrad both in the US and in Beijing.  I recommend it for those interested in examining the Middle Country (that’s China) from a scholarly perspective.  I’m using it as a refresher, and I encourage you to watch/listen along with me.  I’m certain we’ll all learn something satisfying.

Let me know what you think about the class in the comments section.  Want to ask a question about the seminar?  Pass me a note during class by e-mail [email protected] or tweet me @cgouldmiller.


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